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The Cloud Pod podcast is a great way to stay informed about the latest cloud news and trends. Each episode features interviews and discussions with cloud experts, leaders and industry professionals to explore the latest cloud security developments, cloud management strategies and cloud computing technologies. Listeners can learn the latest trends, insights and best practices from leading cloud and technology experts. The Cloud Pod is the perfect podcast for anyone looking to stay up to date on the latest cloud news, cloud security and cloud podcast topics.

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TCP Talks
TCP-Talks: Evolution of NoSQL with Couchbase CTO, Ravi Mayuram
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194: The Cloud Pods New Years Resolution: Change everything!

For our New Years’ Resolution, we decided to change some of our show. First, we have cut the lightning round in favor of our new Cloud Journey series, where we will talk about core cloud concepts over several episodes. We are also covering only the larger stories from the cloud providers, we still want to provide you with all of the news, so you’ll find it in the show notes; if you enjoy the aggregation, subscribe to our newsletter to get the show notes to get your mailbox weekly.  Share your feedback through our website or join our slack team. 

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193: The cloud pod was less productive in 2022

On this episode of The Cloud Pod, the team wraps up 2022 so far, comparing predictions made with the events so far while projecting into 2023 as the year comes to a close. They discuss the S3 security changes coming from Amazon, the new control plane connectivity options with GCP, and Microsoft’s achievement, finally topping a list within the cloud space.

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192: The Empire strikes back and picks all the clouds for DOD Contract

On The Cloud Pod the team reviews the multi-billion-dollar DOD contract formerly known as Jedi awarded to big tech companies; Microsoft buys a stake in LSE, raising questions; Werner shares his 2023 tech predictions and posts the Distributed Computing manifesto to his blog; and lastly, at Azure, Bell hits bumps while trying to make Microsoft safer.

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