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Episode 15: The Cloud Pod eats 31.4 trillion pieces of PI

Google finds a use for unused Kubernetes capacity by calculating PI, The Hyperscalers double down on gaming platforms and Azure beats Amazon to DOD certification! Plus the lightning round and cool tools with Jonathan.

Episode 14: Elizabeth Warren votes to break up the cloud pod

This week Matt Adorjan (@mda590) joins us to talk about AWS’s open distro for ElasticSearch, Breaking up big tech, and F5 acquiring Nginx. Plus the lightning round and Cool Tools with Jonathan.

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Show Topics

How does your cloud storage grow? With a scalable plan and a price drop

Azure Premium Blob storage now in public preview

Simply Enterprise Threat Detection and Protection with Google Cloud Security Services

Elizabeth Warren bold plan to break up big tech

Azure Devops Server 2019 now available

AWS Announces Open Distro for Elastic Search

Adrian Cockcroft publishes blog on keeping open source open

Elastic.Co Response to open distros open source

F5 Acquires NGINX

Lightning Round

AWS Performance Insights is now GA for SQL Server

AWS SSM on-Premise now handles large hybrid environments (Previously less than 1000 instances)

AWS Coretto 11 is now available as a release candidate

AWS Step functions adds tag based permissions

New AWS Direct Connect Console

Starbucks launches its latest drink the cloud macchiato

AWS Code Commit now supports VPC Endpoints

AWS Amplify console adds support for instant CDN cache invalidation and delta deployments

AWS ECS introduces enhanced container dependency management

AWS announces the amazon linux 2 pre-upgrade assistant

License Manager now supports new CPU based licensing and software licensing vendors

License Manager now supports on-premise servers and tracking

Azure Real-Time Serverless applications now support SignalR service bindings

Real-Time Serverless applications with Signalr service bindings

Cool Tools

Episode 13 – The Cloud Pod goes all in on AWS, Azure and GCP

Lyft goes all in on AWS and commits big money to AWS in their IPO.  Several new solutions for security from the cloud vendors at RSA this week, and Jeff Barr stops by Reddit to tell us all about cloud formation! Plus the lighting round and cool tools with Jonathan.


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Show Topics:

Lyft goes all in on AWS

Google Releases csp config management for k8

GCP introduces new KMS client libraries

Instantly restore your machines with Azure Backup

SuperMicro hardware weakness lets researches backdoor into an ibm cloud server

RightScale state of the cloud reports indicates Azure gaining on AWS

Maria DB ceo accuses hyperscalers of strip mining open source

Azure announces preview of sentinel security

Azure GA of Lab Services

Jeff Barr stops by Reddit to drop a quick cloudformation update

Azure Security Center new Capabilities

Azure announces new firewall capabilities

Lightning Round:

Amazon Worklink now works with Android Phones –

Aurora Serverless now publishes logs to cloudwatch –

Amazon Document DB now supports aggregations in arrays and indexing –

AWS SSM now supports document sharing across accounts –

AWS Performance insights now supports T2 and T3 instances –

Amazon Quicksight now supports row level security enabled email reports and new analytics capabilities –

Cool Tools:

Episode 12: Spotinst has yet to announce partnership with the cloud pod

Episode 12

This week we talk about Athena Workgroups,  Spotinst AWS partnership, Spatial Anchors in Azure and Microsoft and Google handle several employee issues.


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Show Topics

Athena now supports Workgroups to segment/isolated data

Azure has GA’s several new features to create more reliable event driven applications in Azure

Spotinst Announces partnership with AWS

Google Rethinks Federated Identity with Continuous Access evaluation protocol

Next 19 Qwiklabs Challenge

Azure Announces Spatial anchors for collaboration and mixed reality apps

Microsoft Workers protest army contract

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says company will not walk away from contract

Google ends forced Arbitration for Employees –

Lightning Round

EFS now supports tag on create –

AWS Code commit now supports programmatic creations of commits –

Performance Insights now supports counter metrics for RDS Postgres, RDS Mysql and Aurora Mysql –

Amazon Ec2 Fleets now let you increase target capacity limits –

Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager adds support for shorter backup intervals –

Azure Monitor aiops now supports alerts with dynamic thresholds-

Mysql and Maria RDS instances now support T3 and r5 instances

Amazon FSX for windows now supports on-premise access –

Robomaker now supports  multiple languages, tagging and cloudformation –

Azure now supports typescript in Functions –

Azure announces GA of Java support in Azure functions –

AWS Well Architected tool now supports on-prem well architected architecture reviews –

Episode 11 – Screaming in the last week of the cloud pod

Episode 11

This week we have special guest Corey Quinn (twitter: @quinnypig).  We talk about Googles Culture, Managed Database Services, Amazon HQ2. Plus the world famous lightning round and Jonathan’s cool tools.


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Follow Up

Azure security center helps protect you from RunC vulnerability –

Ballmer’s Clippers select AWS in the first round for their public cloud partner


Google Cloud Security talks at RSA –

Liz Fong-Jones posts about her decision to leave Google and the toxic culture –

Digital Ocean launches Managed Database Service  –

Amazon introduces Lower cost storage class for EFS –

Amazon drops plans for New York (Queens) HQ2 –

Azure releases Monitoring at Scale Features with Multi-resource metric alerts –

IBM CEO says they will be #1 in cloud chapter 2 –

AWS Announces five new amazon ec2 bare metal instances –

Amazon Updates Professional level certificates –

Google Buys cloud migration startup alooma –

Lightning Round

AWS Guard duty adds three new threat detections (2 are Pen test related and third is new policy violation detection) –

AWS Document DB now supports Database auditing via cloud watch logs –

AWS amplify framework adds support for multiple environments and IAM roles including MFA –

AWS Coretto 11 is now in preview –

Amazon MSK (Managed Kafka) expands preview to Ohio and Ireland and now supports Kafka 2.1 –

AWS EKS releases vpc CNI plugin and p3dn instances (Jumbo frame support) –

Amazon DynamoDB DAX now supports dynamodb transactions for python and dotnet –

AWS Aurora now compatible with Postgres 10.6 –

AWS certified professionals now have new badges –

GCP Introduces scheduled snapshots for persistent disk –

AWS Introduces new solution center to quickly find solution quick starts –

New AWS solution for EKS with new quick start

Cool Tools

Beyond Compare

Cloud Custodian

Episode 10: The podcast no longer requires credit cards

Episode 10

Peter returns from his vacation, Major Docker security vulnerability, Azure gets FHIR and the Warriors choose a public cloud partner.  Plus the lightning round!


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CVE-2019-5736 Docker RunC vulnerability –

Azure Account Failover now in Public preview –

Google Cloud now provides bigquery sandbox without credit  card –

Azure API for FHIR –

MSFT Healthcare Bot brings Conversational AI to healthcare –

Azure announcing updates and GA for 3 Azure Data Services –

Golden State Warriors Chase Center names Google Cloud as their public cloud provider-

Build Containers faster with Cloud build with Kaniko –

Jib 1.0 released by Google Compute to simplify Java Docker Containers –

Amazon acquires Eeero –

Lightning Round

Google Announces support for 6 new cryptocurrencies in bigquery public datasets –

Stackdriver Profile supports new languages and analysis features-

GPU Support for ECS now Available –

Amazon SNS Filtering adds supporting for Multiple string values in blacklist matching –

AWS X Ray .Net Core now GA –

AWS FSX for Lustre Offers new options and faster speeds –

AWS site to site vpn now supports ikev2

AWS Cloudfront adds 6 new locations (Atlanta (2), Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Paris France)

AWS Elastic Search now supports three availability zones –

Automate Websockets api creation in api gateway with cloudformation –

AWS opsworks for chef automation and puppet enterprise now supported in cloudformation –

AWS Fargate now supports privatelink

Azure Cost Management now GA for Enterprise Agreements and more

Episode 9: Redhat Drops support for the cloud pod

Episode 9

Its earnings season and we take a look at both AWS and Googles earnings, plus recap the Azure earnings from last week.  We also talk about AWS Corretto GA, Microsoft DNS outage causes data loss?, Mongo DB SSPL licensing and more. Special Guest Ryan Lucas


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Google Cloud Firestore Nosql Database hits GA –

DNS Outage results in azure database outage –

MS Launches AMD powered Azure Instances –

Oracle AMD instances Outperform AWS –

Amazon Corretto 8 is now GA –

Oracle CISO: Are Audits and Certifications enough? –

MongoDB SSPL Licenses rejected by RHEL –

Slack IPO –

Lightning Round

Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports t3 instances –

Azure announces GA for Query store for sql data warehouse –

Google Cloud now supports websockets for app engine flexible environment –

Azure now tells you when your hardware is degraded with scheduled events –

Azure stream analytics now support Azure SQL databases as references –


Tom Tom and Microsoft partner to get users bad directions –

Dynamodb Local adds support for Dynamo Transactions, On Demand Capacity and 20 GSI’s (Global Secondary Indexes) –

Develop and test step functions locally –

APIGEE portal enhancments –

MS acquires data sense management from brightbytes –

Cool Tools

Episode 8 – Now with Insane Magic

Episode 8  – Now With Insane Magic

This week we talk about TLS support for NLB, AWS Worklink, Kubernetes Metering and retailers pushing back on AWS. Plus the lightning round and cool tools with Jonathan. #thecloudpod

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Microsoft Earnings –

Idera acquires Travis CI –

Google Gives Wikipedia Millions –

NLB now supports TLS Termination –

Microsoft Acquires Citus Data –

AWS Worklink secures on premise website and apps –

GKE Usage Metering

Albertsons picks Azure to run cloud workloads due to Amazon being a competitor –

Lightning Round

Python Shell for AWS Glue –

AWS Elasticsearch Service now supports maximum cluster size of 200 nodes –

AWS SSM now supports management of in guest and instance level configuration –

AWS Public Datasets now available from UK meteorological office, queensland government, university of Penn, buildzero and others –

Amazon ECS and ECR now support AWS Private Link ––amazon-ecs–and-amazon-ecr-now-have-support-for-aws/

SLA for step functions –

Beanstalk now supports .netcore 2.2 –

AWS releases new My Security Credentials feature –

AWS Codebuild now lets you select images from private docker registry –

AWS Opensources code behind sagemaker-neo –

Read replicas for Azure database for postgresql now in preview –

Azure Backup now supports Powershell and ACL’s for azure files

Regulatory compliance dashboard in Azure Security Center now available –

Cool Tools

Episode 7 – The Cloud Pod now 99.9% available

Episode 7 – The Cloud Pod now 99.9% available

Jonathan, Justin, and Peter talk about the latest news in AWS, Google and Azure.  This week we talk about the AWS Backup Services, Oracle Cloud launching in Toronto and AWS Re:Mars.  Plus the lightning round and Jonathan’s cool tools.


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Last Week in AWS:


Lightning Round

Cool Tools

Episode 6 – The Cloud Pod Now Supports Resource Tagging

Episode 6 – The Cloud Pod Now Supports Resource Tagging

Jonathan, Justin, Peter talk about the latest news in AWS, Google and Azure.  This week we talk about the TSO Logic Acquisition, Document DB, TriggerMesh Lambda, Azure win of the DOD contract, plus much more including the lightning round and cool tools by Jonathan.


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Last Week in AWS:

Show Topics

Ring Privacy Story –
Amazon Acquires TSO Logic –
Azure Wins 1.76b DOD Contract –
New AWS Services launch with HIPAA, PCI, ISO and SOC Certifications –
GCP SpotInst Partnership –
TriggerMesh brings AWS Lambda Serverless computing to k8 –

Lightning Round–amazon-linux-20/

Cool Tools

Git Explorer