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The Cloud Pod Goes Quantum – Ep 39

This week AWS releases the Quantum Ledger Database, Google gets shielded GKE nodes and Microsoft gets a new shiny datacenter in Germany

US East 1’s on Fire,  The Cloud Pod says let the !#*&@ burn – Ep 38

US-East-1 has a hiccup in a single AZ, Lambda fixes cold start launches inside a VPC, Google gets an AD service and Microsoft goes cloud neutral in Switzerland. Plus special guest @ryron01

Google will shutdown The Cloud Pod in 2027 – Ep. 37

VMWare acquires Pivotal and Carbon black, plus VMworld debrief.  Google kills more products and AWS reduces the cost of sagemaker training. 

Amazon triggers a cloud pod panic – Ep 36

AWS introduces new kernel panic API trigger, Azure storage gets complicated, and Google’s big query gets a terraform module. 

The Cloud Pod to appear at – Ep 35 gets a CI/CD Service, Lakes are forming with lake formation and Google and Azure get EPYC this week on the show.  

Parti(QL) with The Cloud Pod – Ep 34

Special guest Josh Stella joins us to talk about the Capital One breach.  AWS releases PartiQL, Microsoft licensing changes and more. Plus we talk more about Josh’s company @Fuguehq in Cool Tools. 

Announcing the new cloud pod CTL for Kubernetes – Ep 33

This week Capital One suffers a massive data breach, Amazon releases EKSCTL (or is it EKS Cuddle?) and its Q2 earnings season.  Plus the Jedi battle continues with Oracle leaning on the white house and learn how to deploy Minecraft using GCP. 

The Cloud Pod placed outside the cloud magic quadrant – Ep 32

Gartner releases the new magic quadrant for IaaC and PaaS Cloud providers and Amazon continues to dominate.  AT&T gets busy with the cloud, Google introduces spinnaker and Microsoft invests 1B in OpenAI this week on The Cloud Pod. 

The Cloud Pod Development Kit Now in GA – Ep 31

The team is back after some well deserved time off, with a busy two weeks they try to cover everything.  AWS NYC event, Azure Migration Program, EC2 Instance connect and AWS budget reports. 

Episode 30: The Cloud Pod remains Cloud-full

We talk about AWS EKS 1.13 release, Slack IPO, GCP Workload identity and more this week on the cloud pod.