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The Cloud Pod podcast is a great way to stay informed about the latest cloud news and trends. Each episode features interviews and discussions with cloud experts, leaders and industry professionals to explore the latest cloud security developments, cloud management strategies and cloud computing technologies. Listeners can learn the latest trends, insights and best practices from leading cloud and technology experts. The Cloud Pod is the perfect podcast for anyone looking to stay up to date on the latest cloud news, cloud security and cloud podcast topics.

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263: Ticketmaster Gets a Snow Job - MFA Matters Folks!

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TCP Talks: The evolution of Finops & Why you should attend Finops-X

In this conversation, Joe Daly and Rob Martin from the FinOps Foundation discuss the latest developments in the FinOps space. They talk about the evolution of FinOps practices, the growth of the FinOps community, and the importance of the Focus project, which aims to standardize billing data from different cloud providers. They also discuss the adoption of FinOps practices by SaaS companies and the future of the FinOps space. The conversation covers the updates and changes in the FinOps framework, including the addition of allied personas and the simplification of domains and capabilities. It also discusses the upcoming Finops-X conference and the value it provides for attendees, including deep and concrete content, networking opportunities, and career advancement. The conversation concludes with a mention of the upcoming Finops-X Europe & US conferences in Barcelona & San Diego.

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AWS Re:Invent Live Stream Recaps

Re:Invent Live Stream Recordings Recap

Jonathan, Justin and Ryan check out the keynotes live stream, but if you missed it check out the recordings on our Youtube channel. Thanks for tuning into the streams and check out our recap show next week. #reinvent2022

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Re:Invent 2022 – Live Coverage

Check out The Cloud Pods Livestream events of re:Invent 2022! Sure to be an action-packed week full of announcements, learning and, of course content! Check out our prediction show dropping on Black Friday!

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Re:Invent 2019

Jonathan, Peter and I will all be attending Re:Invent 2019! We are looking forward to meeting all of you who have listened over the last

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A reflection on 25 episodes!

My Co-Hosts and I have hit the 25 episode mark! We have been thrilled with the response to our show and I wanted to document this early period in the show’s history!

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