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Twas the night before Re:Invent – Ep 49

AWS is getting ready for the biggest event of the year, Re:Invent 2019 in Las Vegas.  Your Co-Hosts do their best to guess what AWS may announce, we cover some preannouncement news, and more! 

Import Existing Resources into The Cloud Pod – Ep 48

Docker sells off its enterprise business to Mirantis. Amazon gets upset with the pentagon and launches a data exchange. Azure wins a lucrative contract and github actions.  Google buys cloudsimple complicating things for the VMWare on Azure offerings. 

Re:Invent 2019

Jonathan, Peter and I will all be attending Re:Invent 2019! We are looking forward to meeting all of you who have listened over the last year.  We will all have stickers available and maybe a few suprises as well.  We will be around the event at the various venues and parties, and we would love to meet you in person.  Please reach out to us via our contact form, Follow our twitter feed @thecloudpod1 or DM @jbrodley, @foghorncto or @cloudkickoff on Twitter!  Justin will be live tweeting the keynotes if your missing out on Re:invent this year so follow his thread throughout the event for the latest news.

Over the last year we have been really blessed with you our Audience and your continued support for our show.  From a crazy idea Jonathan and I came up with at Re:invent last year to the launch of our show, our fantastic guests and our guest hosts throughout the year.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank You from Justin, Jonathan and Peter and we hope to see you at Re:invent 2019!

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The Cloud Pod gets a Savings Plan – Episode 47

AWS releases new RI option called the savings plan, IBM builds a financial services cloud, and @jeffbarr celebrates 15 years of blogging for AWS!

Google recognizes The Cloud Pod hosts as celebrities – E46

This week we discuss the Microsoft Ignite conference, announcements and new features and how we did on the Azure Draft.  AWS announces a new Spain region and GCP had a lengthy halloween incident. 

The Cloud Pod wins second place for the Jedi contract – Ep 45

The DOD awards the coveted Jedi contract, the MS ignite Draft, Earnings season and more this week on The Cloud Pod. 

CloudWatch detects The Cloud Pod as an Anomaly – Ep 44

Redhat can’t save IBM’s earnings, AWS starts detecting anomalies, Google adds 100-gbps direct connect links to their datacenters, and Azure gets FHIR-Y. 

The Right to Bare ARM Chips – Ep 43

This week AWS Firewall Manager adds support for VPC Security Groups,  Amazon is finished moving off Oracle, Google ships new Kubernetes training and Azure requests comments on CIS benchmarks.  

You had one Job while I was away – Ep 42

Elasticsearch sues AWS over trademark infringement, AWS gets its IQ raised, Oracle gets fedramp certified cloud regions and Google enhances their github app for cloud build. 

The Cloud Pod now with Dynamic Parallelism – Ep 41

Chef finds a bad recipe for success, AWS rolls out Step Functions, Google launches its native load balancer for Kubernetes and Microsoft confuses us further with premium tier storage offerings.