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Episode 21: The Cloud Pod exceeds quarterly listener expectations

A New Cost Management blog, APAC gets a new AWS region and Docker Hub gets hacked. Plus Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon all release earnings and we break out the highs and lows. With special guest, Ian Mckay @iann0036 talks about his new AWS tool

Episode 20: The Cloud Pod spends 30 dollars a month on AWS

Google Kubernetes Engine Advanced, Jedi Contract Finalists, Cloud Migrations services and Apple’s 30 million a month spend on AWS this week on The Cloud Pod, plus the lightning round.

Episode 19: Announcing the new Cloud Pod Premium Tier

We are back to our normal show after our GCP Next recap.  This week the new AWS APAC region, Azure premium tiers and the AWS open letter on climate change. Plus the lightning round and cool tools. 

Episode 18: It’s a Google Next, Next Level Recap

Google Next has wrapped up in San Francisco and we break down the announcements, talk about Google’s enterprise play, and more. Special guest Ryan Lucas @ryron01  #googlenext19 #thecloudpod #gcp

Episode 17: The Cloud Pod now 100% open source

Azure announces new data and discovery classification features, AWS APN changes go into effect, and Chef goes 100% Open Source.  Jonathan, Justin and Peter draft their Google Next 2019 predictions.

Episode 16: This week in the cloud blob

AWS Summit Season 2019 is officially underway. Justin, Peter and special guest Chris Short @chrisshort. Plus the famous lightning round.

Episode 15: The Cloud Pod eats 31.4 trillion pieces of PI

Google finds a use for unused Kubernetes capacity by calculating PI, The Hyperscalers double down on gaming platforms and Azure beats Amazon to DOD certification! Plus the lightning round and cool tools with Jonathan.

Episode 14: Elizabeth Warren votes to break up the cloud pod

This week Matt Adorjan (@mda590) joins us to talk about AWS’s open distro for ElasticSearch, Breaking up big tech, and F5 acquiring Nginx. Plus the lightning round and Cool Tools with Jonathan.

Episode 13 – The Cloud Pod goes all in on AWS, Azure and GCP

Lyft goes all in on AWS and commits big money to AWS in their IPO.  Several new solutions for security from the cloud vendors at RSA this week, and Jeff Barr stops by Reddit to tell us all about cloud formation! Plus the lighting round and cool tools with Jonathan.

Episode 12: Spotinst has yet to announce partnership with the cloud pod

This week we talk about Athena Workgroups,  Spotinst AWS partnership, Spatial Anchors in Azure and Microsoft and Google handle several employee issues.