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134: The Cloud Pod has NetApp ONTAP
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116: The Cloud Pod is positively charged for AWS Proton

It is Q1 earnings season, and no surprise cloud tech crushed numbers.  AWS proton drops several features plus financial services and media and entertainment offerings.  Google gets Databricks and Azure gave us PubSub this week on the cloud pod. 

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115: The Cloud Pod gets to the root of it

Amazon finally allows us to replace root volumes without destroying our instances.  Azure gets excited about super computers with UK Met meaning better more accurate forecasts of rain for the UK. Google adds PHP support to cloud functions enabling several use cases for your PHP experts. 

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113: The Cloud Pod goes mobile

IBM starts a date app “Kyndrl” oh wait sorry that’s the name of the managed infrastructure business. Amazon goes from elastic to Open with OpenSearch and new mobile capabilities.  Google talks about their customer Leaf Space and more! 

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