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144: Oh the Places You’ll Go at re:Invent 2021
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122: Welcome to Crash Consistency Week

Episode 122 of The Cloud Pod covers the latest cloud computing developments: Hashicorp’s revival of Vagrant 3.0, Google’s subsea cable and Azure’s newest datacenter region.

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120: The Cloud Pod crosses the data streams

The Cloud Pod talks a lot of machine learning this week from data streams, Data Flows, and DataPlex. Now we just need someone to explain how these all work together! Plus ECS is now available on a boat, in a house, in a tree and we really really like this! 

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118: The Cloud Pod talks LaMDA, which one?

AWS releases updates to EKS, Cloudformation Guard, and AWS application migration services.  Google offers you discounts on cloud run commitments and launches LaMDA?!?  Azure is shutting down its blockchain service! 

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