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Episode 54 – GCP puts the Cloud Pod on Ice

Our co-hosts kick off their first regular news episode of the year with Consumer Electronics Show 2020, Google Cloud Next 2020 and Justin’s Oracle adventure.

2019: We hardly knew thee – Episode 53

Your co-hosts recap 2019 and make predictions for the year ahead on the first episode of 2020. We’re skipping the Lightning Round this week to focus on a collaborative Q&A segment pulled from our Slack channel.

Google to kill Cloud Pod if not #1 by 2023 – Episode 52

Your co-hosts settle into the winter holidays by unwinding from Re:Invent and recording the last episode of The Cloud Pod of 2019.

Re:Invent 2019 – We *really* should have gone back to the room – Episode 51

Your co-hosts celebrate the one-year anniversary of the podcast by returning to the place where it all started – AWS Re:Invent. Joining us once again is Ryan Lucas (@ryron01) as we recap the largest week in Cloud.

The Smart Choice would have been to go back to the room – Ep 50

Your co-hosts are back from Thanksgiving and Re:Invent, and we’re running through all of it for you. In this episode, we cover the lead-up to opening day. Next week, we’ll release an episode fully devoted to Re:Invent coverage. 

Twas the night before Re:Invent – Ep 49

AWS is getting ready for the biggest event of the year, Re:Invent 2019 in Las Vegas.  Your Co-Hosts do their best to guess what AWS may announce, we cover some preannouncement news, and more! 

Import Existing Resources into The Cloud Pod – Ep 48

Docker sells off its enterprise business to Mirantis. Amazon gets upset with the pentagon and launches a data exchange. Azure wins a lucrative contract and github actions.  Google buys cloudsimple complicating things for the VMWare on Azure offerings. 

The Cloud Pod gets a Savings Plan – Episode 47

AWS releases new RI option called the savings plan, IBM builds a financial services cloud, and @jeffbarr celebrates 15 years of blogging for AWS!

Google recognizes The Cloud Pod hosts as celebrities – E46

This week we discuss the Microsoft Ignite conference, announcements and new features and how we did on the Azure Draft.  AWS announces a new Spain region and GCP had a lengthy halloween incident. 

The Cloud Pod wins second place for the Jedi contract – Ep 45

The DOD awards the coveted Jedi contract, the MS ignite Draft, Earnings season and more this week on The Cloud Pod.