TCP Talks: The evolution of Finops & Why you should attend Finops-X

TCP Talks
TCP Talks
TCP Talks: The evolution of Finops & Why you should attend Finops-X
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Summary – Finops X

In this conversation, Joe Daly and Rob Martin from the FinOps Foundation discuss the latest developments in the FinOps space and Finops-X. They talk about the evolution of FinOps practices, the growth of the FinOps community, and the importance of the Focus project, which aims to standardize billing data from different cloud providers. They also discuss the adoption of FinOps practices by SaaS companies and the future of the FinOps space. The conversation covers the updates and changes in the FinOps framework, including the addition of allied personas and the simplification of domains and capabilities. It also discusses the upcoming Finops-X conference and the value it provides for attendees, including deep and concrete content, networking opportunities, and career advancement. 


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  • FinOps practices have evolved to focus on making processes more operational and improving decision-making in businesses.
  • The FinOps Foundation has seen significant growth, with over 100 members, including major cloud providers.
  • The Focus project, an open billing standard, aims to consolidate billing data from different cloud providers and enable more effective cost allocation.
  • The adoption of FinOps practices by SaaS companies is increasing, with a focus on consumption-based licensing management.
  • The future of the FinOps space includes expanding the Focus project to include sustainability data and additional usage-based data. The FinOps framework has been updated to include allied personas and simplified domains and capabilities.
  • Finops-X conference provides valuable content, networking opportunities, and career advancement for attendees.
  • Finops-X Europe conference in Barcelona offers a focused event for the European market.
  • The conversation also mentions the importance of small businesses attending the conference and the success stories of attendees.

Sound Bites

  • “How do I make these processes much more operational? How do I affect the broader decision-making going on in my business?”
  • “The Focus project… will consolidate or specify how billing data should come from the different cloud providers.”
  • “The Focus project… essentially handles the data ingestion problem that has plagued a lot of organizations early on.”
  • “The two big changes that happened this year were the addition of a lot of allied personas.”
  • “We’ve simplified those down into four key domains.”
  • “What other things are you guys excited about for Finops-X?”

About Joe Daily & Rob Martin

Joe Daly is a Director of Community for the FinOps Foundation, which is kind of like sitting at the largest lunch table in Middle School, but with less vaping.  He’s had illustrious careers as a CPA (the Statute of Limitations has past for all tax returns he prepared and he has let his CPA expire), Corporate Taxation, IT Finance & Accounting, IT Portfolio Management, a regrettable stint as Manager of Server Operations, and has started two teams that perform what has come to be known as FinOps.  He lives in Columbus, OH and enjoys copying off Rob. Go Captains!

Rob Martin is a FinOps Principal at the FinOps Foundation, which is kind of like being a Middle School Principal, but with less vaping. He’s had illustrious careers at Accenture, the US Department of Justice, Amazon Web Services, and Cloudability, and less lustrious jobs at a few other places. He now spends his time collecting, developing, and distributing FinOps content among the huge global community of people who deliver value from cloud. He lives in Leesburg, VA, and enjoys games (including the FinOps Boardgame!), hiking, and announcing for his son’s high school soccer team. Go Captains!


  • 00:00 Introduction and Overview
  • 02:32 The Evolution of FinOps Practices
  • 05:19 The Growth of the FinOps Community
  • 06:18 The Importance of the Focus Project
  • 09:29 Adoption of FinOps Practices by SaaS Companies
  • 12:35 The Future of the FinOps Space
  • 24:29 The Value of Finops-X Conference
  • 28:29 Finops-X Europe: A Focused Event for the European Market
  • 29:32 Success Stories and Career Advancement at Finops-X

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