171: AWS Snowcones in Space

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171: AWS Snowcones in Space
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On The Cloud Pod this week, Peter finally returns with some beer-based bets about Amazon extending its TLS deadline. Plus: Terraform drift detection for managing infrastructure, chilling tales of Amazon’s CodeWhisperer ML advances, and Anthos on-premise options finally arrive for your platform of choice. Plus the cloud talks about AWS SNOWCONES in SPACE!!!!!!

A big thanks to this week’s sponsor, Foghorn Consulting, which provides full-stack cloud solutions with a focus on strategy, planning and execution for enterprises seeking to take advantage of the transformative capabilities of AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

This week’s highlights

  • 🚨 Terraform Cloud finally adds drift detection to help manage infrastructure, now generally available after its 2020 preview.
  • 🚨 Amazon’s crazy “ML-powered coding companion,” CodeWhisperer, is here for our jobs.
  • 🚨 Google expands its Distributed Cloud platform with Anthos on-premises options. 

Top Quotes  

  • 💡 “I’m surprised it’s taken so long. Because I mean, the reality is if you’re in a plan, and the plan doesn’t require any changes, then there’s been no drift. So what was the obstacle in delivering this as a feature sooner?”
  • 💡 “Not only they’re training their own machine learning models, but they’re also generating code. Not concerned at all.”

General News: Drifting in the Right Direction

AWS: Whispering Sweet Somethings to the Machine

GCP: Anthos Attracts

Azure: Dispatches From the Space Race

Oracle: The Story of All Stories

  • 🌐 Oracle’s got your back this week, with a dedicated region allowing you to run your stack wherever you like (although it’s a stretch to call it a region).

TCP Lightning Round

⚡ After all the desperate talk of crowdsourcing points last week, Peter finally returns to host the lightning round. Jonathan manages to snag the point this week, making the scores Justin (5), Jonathan (3), Ryan (1), and Peter (1).

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