176: The Cloud Pod Earnings Continue To Be Steady

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176: The Cloud Pod Earnings Continue To Be Steady
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On The Cloud Pod this week, the team discusses why Ryan’s yelling all day (hint: he’s learning). Plus: Peter misses the all-important cloud earnings, AWS Skill Builder subscriptions are now available, and Google Eventarc connects SaaS platforms. 

A big thanks to this week’s sponsor, Foghorn Consulting, which provides full-stack cloud solutions with a focus on strategy, planning and execution for enterprises seeking to take advantage of the transformative capabilities of AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

This week’s highlights

  • 🚨 Earnings time is upon us once again, and it’s apparently doom and gloom all around as tears of loss are wiped away with $100 bills.
  • 🚨 AWS makes its Skill Builder subscriptions available with more than 500 courses and four new learning experiences. (The Cloud Pod is now registering signups for a virtual proctor while you take the test.)
  • 🚨Google Eventarc for events enthusiasts unifies and integrates supported SaaS platforms. 

Top Quotes  

  • 💡 “Teams is a huge focus. The last two years have been companies figuring out how to remote work for the first time ever. That’s not a sustainable thing —  those two years’ growth is all just pandemic.”
  • 💡 “I do like the way that they’re presenting a lot of this training. I don’t learn well in the classroom setting — I learn by doing, so any kind of hands-on labs or the jams which I’ve done in person at re:Invent are better for me to learn the internet intricacies of different services. So I love this.”

General News: Earnings, Damned Earnings, and Negative Analysts 

  • 💵 First up for reported earnings is Microsoft, where no one’s really hurting. (Wait until you see the other guys.)
  • 😢Sadly, Google still hasn’t figured out how to make money on GCP. Ad revenue is down.
  • 🤦 Amazon suffers slower demand amid another net loss. Rivian takes a big hit, so if you were hoping to see it turn around, it hasn’t.
  • 🙅 Of course, all of this bad news means Google and Microsoft have scaled back hiring efforts. Coupled with high inflation and bad interest rates, an economic bloodbath in the next 12 months looms.
  • 🪓 Oracle axes U.S. staff as part of a plan to lay off thousands — mainly in marketing and customer experience. This could signal a step back from opening so many new data centers.

AWS: Building Skills One Course at a Time

GCP: Let’s All Come Together Now

Azure: Well on the Way to That Government Contract

TCP Lightning Round

⚡ With scorer Peter still absent, this week sees the round robin once again. The scores remain: Justin (6), Jonathan (3), Ryan (3), Peter (1).

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Things Coming Up:

After Show:

  • If earnings weren’t disappointing enough, it could be time for Google employees to fix their resumes: Their CEO emphasizes productivity, focus and efficiency with a ‘Simplicity Sprint.’

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