180: Azure Data Explorer Says ‘All Your S3 Data are Belong to Us’

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180: Azure Data Explorer Says ‘All Your S3 Data are Belong to Us’
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On The Cloud Pod this week, Amazon adds the ability to embed fine-grained visualizations directly onto web pages, Google offers pay-as-you-go pricing for Apigee customers, and Microsoft launches Arm-based Azure VMs that are powered by ampere chips.

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Episode Highlights

⏰  Fine-grained visualizations can now be embedded directly into your webpages and applications

⏰  Google is now offering pay-as-you-go pricing for its Apigee API customers

⏰  Microsoft launches Arm-based Azure VMs powered by ampere chips

Top Quote

💎 “I think I feel like SimCity 2000 lied to me. By now we should have had satellites in space collecting solar power and beaming microwave energy down to us.”

General News:

AWS: Adding Visuals to Your Apps Is Getting Even Easier…

GCP: Get What You Pay For

Azure: Arms in the Cloud

TCP Lightning Lightning Round [30:06]

⚡️ This week, Peter struggles to keep up, as everyone else’s scores increase to: Justin (7), Ryan (4), Jonathan (4), Peter (1).


Things Coming Up:

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