181: You get a Tanzu, I get a Tanzu, EVERYONE GETS A TANZU

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181: You get a Tanzu, I get a Tanzu, EVERYONE GETS A TANZU
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On The Cloud Pod this week, Amazon announces Amazon Inspector’s new support of Windows OS for continual software vulnerability scanning of EC2 workloads, Google has several exciting announcements regarding Chronicle, Azure is announcing pretty much everything under the sun, and Oracle announces OCI Lake in beta.

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Episode Highlights

⏰  Amazon Inspector now supports Windows operating system (OS) for continual software vulnerability scanning of EC2 workloads.

⏰  Google makes 3 announcements about Chronicle.

⏰  Azure has three–yes, three–new releases this week.

Oracle announces OCI Lake in beta.

Top Quote

💎 “The picture is still opaque of what the real value of this is going to be. But the fact that it’s out there is good or, you know… it’s the classic. “I’m leaving Amazon and I have worked on this code for five years and I like doing open source. So I can keep using it. It can be that classic move.”

General News:

  • 🤑 Gartner published an article indicating that SaaS vendors will be using sustainability as a basis to raise their prices. [0:34]
  • 🤪 The news out of VMWare this week can basically be summed up as: Tanzu, Tanzu, and more Tanzu. [2:38]

AWS: Scanning, scanning, scanning….

GCP: Dear Diary, today I…

🖊️ A Chronicle blog post diary, Google made several announcements [17:09]:

📈 There are new ingestion metrics coming to Chronicle.

⏳ New YARA-L functionalities are coming that will allow you to apply more fine grained time based criteria into your detections.

🦠 The Chronicle native-VirusTotal augment widget is now available.

Azure: New Releases, New Releases Everywhere…


TCP Lightning Lightning Round [30:06]

⚡️ This week, Ryan inches closer to dethroning Justin as the scores move to:

Justin (7), Ryan (5), Jonathan (4), Peter (1).


🍎 The Top 9 Announcements from Apple’s iPhone 14 Event

Things Coming Up:

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