182: There Is a Wild Mandoogle Loose In the Theater

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182: There Is a Wild Mandoogle Loose In the Theater
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On The Cloud Pod this week, Amazon SWF launches a new console experience, Google acquires Mandiant, and Azure Space has some new products coming your way soon.

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Episode Highlights

Top Quote

💎 “The new certification is sort of interesting, because it’s a little bit more like the, the content isn’t new, right? But the certification is new. And so it’s an interesting metric. Like how do you, how do you ensure people are reviewing the content? You have these certifications that you measure on the completion of that? So like, it’s, I can see how it’s a little bit of like, weaponizing, you know, those metrics in order to like drive culture change, maybe within an org where there’s division over private cloud or public cloud? Or, you know, it just depends on what you want to do. But very interesting.” [17:04]

General News:

AWS: More Like Amazon SWTF?

GCP: Hey Siri, What Is a Mandoogle?

Azure: Even More Products From Azure

TCP Lightning Lightning Round [30:06]

⚡️ The scores stayed the same this week… will Justin ever be de-throwned?:

Justin (7), Ryan (5), Jonathan (4), Peter (1).


Things Coming Up:

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