188: The CloudPod thinks the AWS Switzerland region is a big plus

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188: The CloudPod thinks the AWS Switzerland region is a big plus
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On a slow news week, we talk about the new AWS Switzerland region, Googles 2022 State of Devops report and GCP gets those flexible committed use discounts! 

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💎 “Back when you only had the option of on demand or reserved instances, and you do the math… And if you run the thing, basically more than 40 hours a week, you might as well buy the Ri. You’re not getting any benefit of scaling anyway, at that point. So this is this is so much better, you get the benefit of committing to an aggregate use and the discount to that with the benefit of turning stuff off when you’re not using it.” [32:24]

AWS: Amazon Isn’t Neutral About Switzerland

GCP: Google Is Committed To Their Flexibility

Azure: Azure Needs No Downtime

⚡ TCP Lightning Round (Justin 8, Ryan 7, Jonathan 4, Peter 0) [35:09]

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AWS Reinvent – November 28th-Dec-2

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