191: The Cloud Pod Reinvents the Recap Show

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191: The Cloud Pod Reinvents the Recap Show
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The Cloud Pod recaps all of the positives and negatives of Amazon ReInvent 2022, the annual conference in Las Vegas, bringing together 50,000 cloud computing professionals.  This year’s keynote speakers include Adam Selpisky, CEO of Amazon Web Services, Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Data and Machine Learning at AWS and Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO.  Attendees and web viewers were treated to new features and products, such as AWS Lambda Snapstart for Java Functions, New Quicksight capabilities and quality-of-life improvements to hundreds of services.  Justin, Jonathan, Ryan, Peter and Special guest Joe Daly from the Finops foundation talk about the show and the announcements.

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Episode Highlights

Top Quote

💎 “But if I’m putting my business data into another data lake, and I want to use the business data to inform my security data, I now have to cross the lakes to even make this connection to get that data set. So I agree with you on a pure security basis in the open schema for security data is really great. My issue is that you’re putting borders around these lakes, when you really want to bring the data together and be able to hydrate across. That’s why we have enterprise data, we analyze data warehouses, where we have all these things to bring this data together, add context to data. And I feel like this is just more removing context.” [37:20]

AWS: Amazon Goes to India


DAY 1 KEYNOTE: Peter DeSantis [19:11]

Compute [19:42]

DAY 2 KEYNOTE: Adam Selipsky [24:52]

Advertising & Marketing [25:34]

Compute [26:29]

Databases & Analytics [27:31]

Security [35:12]


AI/Machine Learning [41:02]

Compute [42:15]

Network & Content Delivery [44:18]

Security [45:32]

Storage [46:40]

DAY 3 KEYNOTE: Swami Sivasubramanian [48:36]

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning [48:36]

Database & Analytics [50:46]


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning [54:11]

Database & Analytics [54:28]

Networking [56:50]

Security [58:58]

Storage [1:00:30]

DAY 4 KEYNOTE: Werner Vogels [1:01:43]

Developer Tools [1:01:59]

Serverless [1:04:17]


Gaming [1:05:37]

Re:Invent Predictions 2022 (Ryan 22, Justin 15, Peter 23) [1:06:03]


  1. Adding RDS To Savings Plan
  2. GPU for Fargate
  3. New mi6.xlarge family of EC2 only used by british spies


  1. New Graviton/Arm Based Pick – YES
  2. Cognito 2.0
  3. Meh Conference, only niche announcements nothing for the general market. And no additional cost savings for customers due to profitability needs at AWS


  1. Significant Step Flow increases – Andrew Fitzgerald – OG
  2. Salesforce Killer for CRM Ryan Lucas – CloudPod
  3. SLSA solution and/or enablement/visualization/existing code family products


  1. ARM Chip Factory

⚡ TCP Lightning Round (Justin 9, Ryan 8, Jonathan 4, Peter 0, Joe 1)

Amazon Textract launches the ability to detect signatures on any document

AWS Secrets Manager now supports rotation of secrets as often as every four hours

Amazon QuickSight adds line and marker customization options for line charts, Small Multiples for line, bar and pie charts and the ever popular Textbox

Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA) now offers container, queue, and database metrics

AWS Service Catalog now supports syncing products with Infrastructure as Code template files from GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, or Bitbucket

Amazon CloudFront launches continuous deployment support

Introducing Amazon Omics

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