Episode 106: The Cloud Pod disagrees with Gartner on Low-Code

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Episode 106: The Cloud Pod disagrees with Gartner on Low-Code
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On The Cloud Pod this week, Jonathan has returned and is sitting in his garage letting it get darker and darker before he turns a light on.  Gartner says low-code is growing!! NOOOOOO!

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This week’s highlights

Follow Up: Somebody’s In Trouble

  • 🌞 SolarWinds hackers downloaded some Microsoft source code for Azure, Exchange and Intune. Intune is probably the most damaging — this is not good news for Microsoft.

General News: The Glowing Puck

  • 💲 Gartner is reporting that Low-Code development tool growth has grown 23% this year. Gartner, pay to play.  
  • 🏒 AWS provides the National Hockey League with cloud, AI and machine learning services. It’s great to see computer tech adding to viewer engagement. 
  • 👍 Hashicorp announces the general availability of the Terraform Cloud Operator for Kubernetes. It’s an interesting solution to a very hard problem. 

Amazon Web Services: Everyone’s On Vacation 

Google Cloud Platform: Jumping Back To 1994

  • 👏 Google introduces schedule-based autoscaling for Compute Engine. Finally catching up to Azure and AWS, both of which have had this for a few years now.  
  • 🔨 Google adds several new features to Google Cloud VMware Engines to support workloads moving from the cloud. We just want the VMware tools.   
  • 🦖 Google launches Cloud Domains to make it easy to register and use custom domains within its platform. Should have had this a long, long, long time ago.  

Azure: Copying Things That Are Good Ideas

Oracle: Tacky

TCP Lightning Round

⚡ Jonathan takes this week’s point as he outwits the rest of the team, leaving scores at Justin (3), Ryan (1), Jonathan (3). 

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