Episode 14: Elizabeth Warren votes to break up the cloud pod

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Episode 14: Elizabeth Warren votes to break up the cloud pod
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This week Matt Adorjan (@mda590) joins us to talk about AWS’s open distro for ElasticSearch, Breaking up big tech, and F5 acquiring Nginx. Plus the lightning round and Cool Tools with Jonathan.

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Show Topics

How does your cloud storage grow? With a scalable plan and a price drop

Azure Premium Blob storage now in public preview

Simply Enterprise Threat Detection and Protection with Google Cloud Security Services

Elizabeth Warren bold plan to break up big tech

Azure Devops Server 2019 now available

AWS Announces Open Distro for Elastic Search

Adrian Cockcroft publishes blog on keeping open source open

Elastic.Co Response to open distros open source

F5 Acquires NGINX

Lightning Round

AWS Performance Insights is now GA for SQL Server


AWS SSM on-Premise now handles large hybrid environments (Previously less than 1000 instances)


AWS Coretto 11 is now available as a release candidate


AWS Step functions adds tag based permissions


New AWS Direct Connect Console


Starbucks launches its latest drink the cloud macchiato


AWS Code Commit now supports VPC Endpoints


AWS Amplify console adds support for instant CDN cache invalidation and delta deployments


AWS ECS introduces enhanced container dependency management


AWS announces the amazon linux 2 pre-upgrade assistant


License Manager now supports new CPU based licensing and software licensing vendors


License Manager now supports on-premise servers and tracking


Azure Real-Time Serverless applications now support SignalR service bindings

Real-Time Serverless applications with Signalr service bindings

Cool Tools


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