Episode 16: This week in the cloud blob

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Episode 16: This week in the cloud blob

AWS Summit Season 2019 is officially underway. Justin, Peter and special guest Chris Short @chrisshort. Plus the famous lightning round.


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AWS Multi-Account Support for Direct Connect Gateway

Introducing AWS Deep Learning Containers

AMD Processors now available on AWS Ec2 Instances

AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive GA

AWS App Mesh now Generally Available

Concurency Scaling for Amazon Redshift

New ALB Request routing for HTTP customer headers

AWS Transfer for SFTP now supports VPC’s and Private Link

AWS Toolkit for IntelliJ GA and Visual Studio Code now in Preview

Amazon EKS opens public preview for Windows Container Support

ECS now supports local testing

AWS Fargate and ECS now support external deployment control

Episode #2 of Now Go Build

New IAM permissions to enable accounts for new regions

Google Releases new SRE tools and Training

Azure has released new capabilities for Hybrid Cloud

Service Control Policies in Organizations enable fine-grained permissions

Lightning Round

New Gigabit Connectivity Options for AWS Direct Connect

AWS Config now supports tagging of AWS config resources

AWS Config can now use queries based on resource configuration properties

Amazon EKS introduces K8 API Server Endpoint Access Control

AWS Code Pipeline adds action level details to pipeline execution history

AWS Storage gateway now supports S3 Object Locks

Amazon Kineses Data Analytics now supports AWS Cloudtrail logging

Google now has vmware-vrealize automation support

Azure Premium Blob Storage is now GA

Blob Storage on Data Box is now GA

Amazon Aurora is now Mysql 5.7

Azure Blob storage lifecycle management now GA

AWS Robomaker announces new build and bundle feature that makes it 10x faster to update a simulation job or a robot

Alexa for Business now lets you create Alexa skills for your org

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