Episode 17: The Cloud Pod now 100% open source

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Episode 17: The Cloud Pod now 100% open source

Episode 17

Azure announces new data and discovery classification features, AWS APN changes go into effect, and Chef goes 100% Open Source.  Jonathan, Justin and Peter draft their Google Next 2019 predictions and more on the cloud pod. #thecloudpod


Follow Up


Google Next Prediction Draft

  • Jonathan Picks
  1. Blockchain as a service
  2. Collaboration Tools
  3. New languages for functions
  • Justin Picks
  1. Major spanner enhancement
  2. Enterprise will be mentioned 4 times on stage by Thomas or his guests
  3. Google Siem Product
  • Peter Picks
  1. Major announce around GKE in particular monitoring integration
  2. Managed Devops Deployment like Spinnaker
  3. Hybrid Service mesh. ISTIO like for hybrid cloud
  • Honorable Mention  –
    • Jonathan – ARM processors
    • Peter – Better Microsoft support.
    • Justin – Major Acquisition of a large player

Lightning Round

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