Episode 17: The Cloud Pod now 100% open source

Episode 17: The Cloud Pod now 100% open source
Episode 17 The Cloud Pod Now 100 Open Source

Episode 17

Azure announces new data and discovery classification features, AWS APN changes go into effect, and Chef goes 100% Open Source.  Jonathan, Justin and Peter draft their Google Next 2019 predictions and more on the cloud pod. #thecloudpod


Follow Up


Google Next Prediction Draft

  • Jonathan Picks
  1. Blockchain as a service
  2. Collaboration Tools
  3. New languages for functions
  • Justin Picks
  1. Major spanner enhancement
  2. Enterprise will be mentioned 4 times on stage by Thomas or his guests
  3. Google Siem Product
  • Peter Picks
  1. Major announce around GKE in particular monitoring integration
  2. Managed Devops Deployment like Spinnaker
  3. Hybrid Service mesh. ISTIO like for hybrid cloud
  • Honorable Mention  –
    • Jonathan – ARM processors
    • Peter – Better Microsoft support.
    • Justin – Major Acquisition of a large player

Lightning Round

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