Episode 19: Announcing the new Cloud Pod Premium Tier

Cloud Pod Header
Episode 19: Announcing the new Cloud Pod Premium Tier

We are back to our normal show after our GCP Next recap.  This week the new AWS APAC region, Azure premium tiers and the AWS open letter on climate change. Plus the lightning round and cool tools.



Lightning Round (Jonathan 4, Justin 4, Peter 1 and Guest 3)

Cool Tool

EC2 Metadata Filter – https://github.com/stefansundin/ec2-metadata-filter

2 comments on “Episode 19: Announcing the new Cloud Pod Premium Tier
  1. Stefan Sundin says:

    Hi guys. Thanks for featuring my ec2-metadata-filter tool. 🙂

    Just wanted to mention that requiring the header to be present should protect against most dumb SSRF attacks, since most of them are only able to change the URL that the server fetches. I think this is how the Capital One hack was done, and it’s my hope that it would have stopped that if it had been installed. 😀

    And yep, I really wish AWS would improve their metadata service. Now is the best time before more banks get hacked.

    Regards, Stefan

    1. jbrodley says:

      Thanks Stefan for the information. Appreciate the update and we are glad to see these tools in the market in addition to the new SSRF improvements from AWS.

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