The Cloud Pod gets a Savings Plan – Episode 47

AWS releases new RI option called the savings plan, IBM builds a financial services cloud, and @jeffbarr celebrates 15 years of blogging for AWS!

You had one Job while I was away – Ep 42

Elasticsearch sues AWS over trademark infringement, AWS gets its IQ raised, Oracle gets fedramp certified cloud regions and Google enhances their github app for cloud build. 

US East 1’s on Fire,  The Cloud Pod says let the !#*&@ burn – Ep 38

US-East-1 has a hiccup in a single AZ, Lambda fixes cold start launches inside a VPC, Google gets an AD service and Microsoft goes cloud neutral in Switzerland. Plus special guest @ryron01

Google will shutdown The Cloud Pod in 2027 – Ep. 37

VMWare acquires Pivotal and Carbon black, plus VMworld debrief.  Google kills more products and AWS reduces the cost of sagemaker training. 

Amazon triggers a cloud pod panic – Ep 36

AWS introduces new kernel panic API trigger, Azure storage gets complicated, and Google’s big query gets a terraform module. 

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