138: Cloud Pod productivity is way up thanks to the Facebook outage

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138: Cloud Pod productivity is way up thanks to the Facebook outage
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On The Cloud Pod this week, the team is running at half-duplex without Peter and Ryan. Plus Cloudflare R2 is here, Facebook died for a day, and AWS releases Cloud Control Plane. 

A big thanks to this week’s sponsors:

  • Foghorn Consulting, which provides full-stack cloud solutions with a focus on strategy, planning and execution for enterprises seeking to take advantage of the transformative capabilities of AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.
  • JumpCloud, which offers a complete platform for identity, access, and device management — no matter where your users and devices are located. 

This week’s highlights

  • 🚨 Cloudflare’s new R2 service is making waves in the cloud object storage space, offering incentives like no egress fees and lower rates than its competitors. 
  • 🚨 Influencers, boomers and bored teenagers collectively screamed on October 4th as Facebook and its associated apps experienced an unprecedented six-hour outage. 
  • 🚨 AWS Cloud Control Plane offers developers an easier way to manage their third-party and AWS services with a new set of common APIs.

Top Quotes  

  • 💡 “The bigger impact is actually WhatsApp, because for a large portion of the world, Whatsapp is the primary method of communication. If you go … to different countries overseas … everyone’s on WhatsApp. Everybody. So to not have that communication is a huge loss. And you have to wonder, does Facebook need to think about diversifying their backend in some way? Should all of their DNS be inside Facebook?” 
  • 💡 “[AWS Cloud Control API] is probably going to be a requirement for any new services that launch in AWS … which means that we will no longer be waiting weeks or months for new services to be available in CloudFormation.”

General News: The day that Facebook died (for six hours)

AWS: On a mission to control the cloud

GCP:  Watch out Azure, GCP is coming for you

  • 🫖 Google is reportedly reducing its cut of third-party software sales from 20% to 3% in order to compete with Microsoft Azure. While Google has yet to confirm this claim, it has said that fee changes are “in the works.”
  • Google introduces Workflow callbacks which require a call to a specific endpoint before executing a workflow. In other words, users can now build in requirements like approvals, validation or events to route their workflows correctly. 
  • 🌏 In honor of VMworld, Google releases updates to VMware Engine, which can now spin up VMware for you in 30 minutes. Additionally, Google releases an autoscaling feature, and makes the VMware Mumbai Region generally available. 
  • 📖 Google announces updates for Cloud KMS, namely a key inventory dashboard that will increase transparency around its crypto inventory. Additionally, Google’s PKCS#11 standard will now allow users to access keys in the Cloud KMS open-source library. Justin is a fan. 
  • 🍻 Google has taken the hassle out of Pub/Sub Lite by introducing Pub/Sub Lite Reservations. Users can now manage throughput capacity for many topics with a single number. This cuts down on unnecessary work while also driving down costs — a win-win!

Azure: VMware expands across the map

TCP Lightning Round

⚡ Justin and Jonathan decide to give themselves both a participation point for showing up and recording, making the scores Justin (16), Ryan (9), Jonathan (12), Peter (1). 

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