237: Clean Your Crystal Balls – The Clod Pod Makes its re:Invent Predictions / Wishlist

237: Clean Your Crystal Balls - The Clod Pod Makes its re:Invent Predictions / Wishlist
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Welcome to episode 237 of The Cloud Pod Podcast – where the forecast is always cloudy! It’s the most wonderful time of the year – it’s almost time for re:Invent! That means it’s also time for our wishlist and predictions. Follow along, and see which ones you think have the greatest likelihood of coming to fruition. 

A big thanks to this week’s sponsor:

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AWS Predictions 


  1. GPU Support for Lambda functions  
  2. Chat Bot integration for the support portal that pulls from documentation
  3. New Baremetal Instance with more GPU’s for AI Training


  1. Graviton AI Chip Capabilities
  2. Olympus with a bigger data set than Open AI and publicly available
  3. Major Improvements to Quicksight


  1. AppMesh will support serverless workloads
  2. Data Sovereignty on stage
  3. Just in time IAM Permissions powered by AI


  1. AI Chat feature in the AWS Console
  2. Carbon Emissions and Green Technology talked about during the keynote. 
  3. Predictive typing thing integrated into AWS Shell (cloud 9). 


Tie Breaker:   Number of times the word Artificial Intelligence and/or AI.  

Matt – 72

Ryan – 563

Justin – 142

Jonathan – 90

Honorable Mentions:

Reinvent announcement of Clippy/Mascot (Jonathan)

Chip Fab (Jonathan)

Astro Bot upgrade (Ryan)

Astrobot Robot Wars (Ryan)

Extra effort/hardware on energy usage (Jonathan)

IAM Permissions reducer (Matt)

Security/Guardduty/SOC AI (Justin)

DuckDB (Justin)

AI for Opensearch (Justin)

Werner masterclass on AI (Justin)

Simulated worlds (Jonathan)

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