TCP-Talks: Evolution of NoSQL with Couchbase CTO, Ravi Mayuram

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TCP-Talks: Evolution of NoSQL with Couchbase CTO, Ravi Mayuram
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In this episode, Ravi Mayuram highlights the functionality of Couchbase as an evolutionary database platform, citing several simple day-to-day use cases and particular advantages of Couchbase.

Ravi Mayuram is CTO of Couchbase. He is an accomplished engineering executive with a passion for creating and delivering game-changing products for startups as well as Fortune-500 industry-leading companies.


Couchbase set out to build a next-generation database. Data has evolved greatly with IT advancements. The goal was to build a database that will connect people to the newer technologies, addressing problems that relational systems did not have to solve. The fundamental shift is that earlier systems were internally focused, built for trained users but now the systems are built directly for consumers. This shift also plays out in the vast difference in the number of consumers now interacting with these systems compared to the fewer trained users previously interacting with the systems.

One of the key factors that sets Couchbase apart is the No-SQL Database. It is a database that has evolved by combining five systems; a Cache and Key-value store, a Document store, a Relational document store, a Search system, and an Analytical system. Secondly, Couchbase performs well in the geo-distributed manner such that with one click, data is made available across availability zones. Lastly, all of this can be done at a large scale in seconds.

Regarding the global database concept that Google talks about, a globally consistent database may not be needed by most companies. The performance will be the biggest problem as transaction speed will be considerably low. Couchbase does these transactions locally within the data center and replicates them on the other side. The main issue of relational systems is that they make you pay the price of every transaction no matter how minor, but with Couchbase, it is possible to pay only the cost only with certain crucial transactions.

Edge has become a part of the enterprise architecture even such that people now have edge-based solutions. Two edges are emerging; the Network edge and the Tool edge where people are interfacing. Couchbase has built a mobile database available on devices, with sync capability.

As a consumer, the primary advantage of bringing data closer to the consumer is the latency issue. Often, data has to go through firewalls and multiple steps which delays it but this is the benefit of Couchbase. The user simply continues to have access to the data while Couchbase synchronizes the data in the back.

One of the applications of Couchbase in healthcare is insulin tracking. With many devices that monitor insulin which must work everywhere you go, Couchbase Lite does the insulin tracking, keeps the data even in the absence of a network, and later syncs it for review by healthcare professionals. This is also useful in operating rooms where the network is not accessible. The real benefit is seen when the data eventually gets back to the server and can be interpreted to make decisions on patient care.

The Couchbase Capella Service runs in the cloud and allows clients to specify what data should be sent to the edge and what should not be. This offers privacy and security measures, such that even in the loss or damage of a device, the data is secure and can be recovered. To effectively manage edge in devices, a lot of problems must be addressed to make it easier.

One of the concerns for anyone coming into Couchbase Capella is the expense of data extraction from the cloud, however, Couchbase is available on all three cloud providers. Also, with Couchbase, there is no need to keep replicating data as you can work on the data without moving it, which largely saves costs.

Other use cases for Couchbase include information for flight bookings, flight crew management systems, hotel reservations, and credit card payments. To learn more, visit the Couchbase website. There is also a free trial for the Couchbase Capella Service.  

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  • 💡 “The modern database has to do more than what the old database did”
  • 💡 “Managing edge in devices is not an easy thing, and so you have to solve a lot of problems so it becomes easier”

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