Episode 28: The Cloud Pod Metal Edition

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Episode 28: The Cloud Pod Metal Edition
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It is the week before AWS Re:Inforce and that means it is time for the draft! Cloud Endure migrate is now free of charge, Azure has a shared image gallery and Mongo comes to Google Cloud this week on the podcast.



Reinforce Predictions

  • Justin
    • DLP Cloud solution on AWS
    • SIEM for AWS
    • Endpoint Security Tools
  • Jonathan
    • Redlock or Trusted Advisor type security tool
    • VPC Security Group Improvements
      • Lists of Source IP’s
      • AWS Services as source or destination
    • Machine Learning around Flowlogs and Payload data
  • Peter
    • L7 Egress Firewall/proxy
    • Flowlogs with Payload data/Packet Capture
    • Security Scanning of Container for ECR

Honorable Mentions

  • Justin
    • WAF Enhancement
    • Client VPN based Dynamic Access/Security Groups
    • Tagging Namespace fix
  • Jonathan
    • Organizations enhancements to make security easier across a set of accounts
  • Peter
    • Lunch will be free

Lightning Round (Jonathan 6, Justin 9, Peter 1 and Guest 3):

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