Episode 29: The Cloud Pod Re:Inforces Security

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Episode 29: The Cloud Pod Re:Inforces Security

We recap the AWS Reinforce conference from Boston Massachusetts.  Draft results, overall impressions of the conference and we break down each announcement.


Reinforce Results


  1. DLP Cloud solution on AWS
  2. SIEM for AWS
  3. Endpoint Security Tools


  1. Redlock or Trusted Advisor for security
  2. VPC Security Group Improvements
    1. Lists of Source IP’s 
    2. IP/Name matching/Tag sources for Security Groups
  3. Machine Learning around Flowlogs and Payload data

Peter – Wins!

  1. L7 Egress Firewall/proxy
  2. Flowlogs with Payload data/Packet Capture –  VPC Traffic Flow Mirroring
  3. Security Scanning of Container for ECR

Honorable Mention

  • Justin
    • WAF Enhancement
    • Client VPN based Dynamic Access/Security Groups
    • Tagging Namespace fix
  • Jonathan
    • Organizations enhancements to make security easier across a set of accounts
  • Peter
    • Lunch will be free

Reinforce Announcements

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