Episode 77b: Google Next Prediction Show

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Episode 77b: Google Next Prediction Show

Google Cloud Next Predictions

Your show hosts come to you with their cloudy crystal balls to give us Google Cloud Next Prediction show for Thomas Kurian’s keynote.


  1. CloudSQL/Firebase/BigQuery via Anthos
  2. More Granularity in Stackdriver reports/analytics around status reports (Thanks /u/casper_man)
  3. Cloud endpoint Security Protection (Antivirus, Endpoint DLP, HIDS)


  1. New Collaborations & Productivity tools Google Meet, New or Improved
  2. Price reduction (token for Anthos (Small cut pacify the haters)
  3. Thomas Kurian will speak about community governance

(Peter) Matt

  1. GCP will launch a new region somewhere in the midwest
  2. Partnership with a pro-sports league. 
  3. Will announce their commitment to cloud infrastructure beyond 2023


  1. Tout their amazing bigquery & ML stuff to help with Covid research
  2. A significant price reduction for Anthos drop it by more than 40% or removing 12 month commitment
  3. Layer 7 network inspection and egress filtering

Honorable Mentions

  • Endpoint Security will run in the hypervisor (Agentless) – Jonathan
  • Tool Similar to Sagemaker
  • Threat Hunting Tools
  • ML/AI chops to Cloud Monitoring
  • Configuration Management Endpoints
  • Major Updates to Docs, Sheets, Slides, 
  • Quantum Computers

Tie Breaker: Number of Virtual Attendees on the Register? 

  • Ryan – 45,000
  • Matt – 60,000
  • Jonathan- 85,000
  • Justin – 100,000

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