Episode 91: The Cloud Pod Hashi’s it out

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Episode 91: The Cloud Pod Hashi’s it out
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On The Cloud Pod this week, the team acknowledges the very real issue of canine confusion as a result of everyone wearing face masks. 

A big thanks to this week’s sponsors:

  •  Foghorn Consulting, which provides full-stack cloud solutions with a focus on strategy, planning and execution for enterprises seeking to take advantage of the transformative capabilities of AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.
  • Cloud Academy, which provides an intuitive and scalable training platform to meet teams wherever they are along the cloud maturity curve. Use the code THECLOUDPOD for 50% off its training platform. 

This week’s highlights

General News: All About Hash(iconf)

Amazon Web Services: Handy

  • 👍 Amazon launches Cloudwatch Synthetics Recorder, a Chrome browser extension, to help monitor endpoints and APIs. We hope this does better than others we’ve tried in the past. 
  • 🗿 Amazon announces better cost-performance for Amazon Relational Database Service databases. Has some rough edges but once you overcome them, this is rock solid.
  • 🤗 Amazon Aurora now enables dynamic resizing for database storage space. Nice that you’ll now only pay for the storage you actually use!
  • 🙏 Amazon announces AWS Budgets Actions to reduce unintentional overspending. Thank you, Jesus!
  • 🤣 AWS announces AWS Budgets is now free. We wonder if the budget action could be to turn off Budget Actions?   
  • 🎺 Amazon Redshift now supports the ability to query across databases in a redshift cluster. This makes us think there’s something much bigger coming for them not to trumpet this.    
  • 👷 AWS Lambda now supports AWS private link allowing access to Lambda functions securely. A very handy thing to have. 
  • 🛡️ Amazon CloudFront announces Origin Shield, a centralized caching layer. The name makes us mad — where is the shield!?

Google Cloud Platform: Kind Of A Big Deal

  • 🛒 Google announces more control over when routine maintenance occurs for Cloud SQL. We don’t think this is going to be that big of a deal for retailers this year because of COVID.
  • 🙃 Google announces lower pricing for its Cloud Content Delivery Network. Super nice!
  • 🍀 GCP has released several new user-friendly SQL capabilities. If you were struggling with BigQuery, then you’re in luck! 
  • 🤓 Lending Doc AI, now in preview, provides industry-leading data accuracy for documents relevant to lending. This is digitizing a manual process — there’s nothing intelligent about it but still going to be very useful. 

Azure: Curiouser and Curiouser 

  • 📣 Zone Redundancy for Azure Cache for Redis is now in preview. Stay tuned for its next announcement. 
  • ❓ Microsoft launches Azure Space to power satellite projects. Curious to see what else it will add to this portfolio.
  • 😍 Microsoft has designed a Modular Datacenter for customers who need cloud computing capabilities in hybrid or challenging environments. Lots of use cases for this one!

Oracle: We’re Bigger

TCP Lightning Round

⚡ Ryan steals this week’s point, leaving scores at Justin (15 points), Jonathan (eight points) and Ryan (five points). 

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