Episode 95 – THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

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Episode 95 - THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!
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This week on The Cloud Pod, the team used their slightly cloudy crystal balls to share their predictions for Re:Invent 2020. They hope Amazon doesn’t ruin them before the event.

A big thanks to this week’s sponsors:

  • Foghorn Consulting, which provides full-stack cloud solutions with a focus on strategy, planning and execution for enterprises seeking to take advantage of the transformative capabilities of AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.
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This week’s highlights

Amazon Web Services: Crushing Hopes and Dreams

  • 💡 Amazon Lightsail lets developers easily deploy containers in the cloud. This is like the cloud version of candy-flavored tobacco — somebody out there will be excited.
  • 📸 Amazon announces visual data preparation tool AWS Glue DataBrew. Really cool — we wish they’d created this sooner! 
  • 👏 AWS Key Management Service now supports three new hybrid post-quantum key exchange algorithms. We’re just happy that the defense is ahead of the offense this time.
  • 😡 Amazon launches AWS Network Firewall, a highly available, managed network firewall service for VPC. Peter is angry that Amazon killed one of his Re:Invent predictions.
  • 👓 Introducing Amazon S3 Storage Lens for organization-wide visibility into object storage. We think the dashboard is built on years of customer complaints, not experience.

Re:Invent Predictions

Prediction rule: If it’s already been officially announced by Amazon, then it doesn’t count. It needs to be in the rumor mill and somewhat specific.

  • Peter
    • Integration between Sumerian and Chime/Slack (messaging service) for virtual in-person meetings
    • Major upgrade to CloudWatch/Logs/GuardDuty/CloudWatch Events (SIEM) but an actual SIEM product. Will have its own name or does something to GuardDuty
    • Robot SDK for tight integrations into AWS Cloud
  • Jonathan
    • Serverless graph database
    • Live migration for some instance types between EC2 hosts so maintenance events don’t cause the same level of damage
    • Detailed discussion of their use of IOT and AWS services for COVID-19
  • Justin
    • Snowflake report generation and capabilities in Redshift or new tool
    • Cut in Bandwidth or C, M and R Instances by 10% minimum
    • A Cloud Shell
  • Ryan
    • Control plane for managing Kubernetes on premise or in other clouds
    • An AI/machine learning-based observability tool
    • COVID-19 response highlights the adoption rate of cloud computing because of the pandemic.

Google Cloud Platform: Trying to Outshine Amazon

  • 💰 Google launches Anthos Developer Sandbox to make it easy to learn how to develop on Anthos. We like Anthos; we just don’t want to pay for Anthos. 
  • 🤷 Google announces Artifact Registry is now generally available. This makes a lot of sense but we wonder why this wasn’t prioritized very early on when people were just doing development?
  • 🎫 Google introduces Voucher, a service to help secure the container supply chain. We’re curious to see how this works. Vouchers can be photocopied, can’t they? 
  • ❄️ Google adds several new capabilities in the security space for Google Cloud. Very cool!
  • 🥡 The 10 most popular sessions from Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir. Some interesting takeaways here. 

Azure: Not Trying to Compete With Re:Invent

TCP Lightning Round

⚡Jonathan wasn’t distracted by Re:Invent so he takes this week’s point, leaving scores at Justin (16 points), Jonathan (10 points), Ryan (six points) and Jacques (one point).

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