Twas the night before Re:Invent – Ep 49

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Twas the night before Re:Invent - Ep 49

AWS is getting ready for the biggest event of the year, Re:Invent 2019 in Las Vegas.  Your Co-Hosts do their best to guess what AWS may announce, we cover some preannouncement news, and more!

NOTE: This episode was recorded on November 20th, to let the co-hosts enjoy Thanksgiving! This episode is AWS specific, as well as our first show after the Re:Invent conference. If you want to stay up to date on Azure or GCP in the interim, follow our Twitter @thecloudpod1 or join our Slack Channel.

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Reinvent Draft


  1. Zero/Low code application platform
  2. Anthos like hybrid/multi-cloud platform/option
  3. Transit Gateway cross-regional and/or Security group support


  1. Layer 7 Egress Filtering Gateway
  2. Cloudwatch Dependency Mapping (mute alerts if downstream from another alert)
  3. Outposts GA and/or Shipping


  1. Cost Reduction for the Network Tier
  2. A device with a camera, like a drone, thing, etc that will replace the deepracer
  3. Visual Threat Detection modeling for their security tools

Artist Pick

  • Jonathan: Calvin Harris
  • Peter: Marshmello – The Licks 
  • Justin: David Guetta

Runner Ups

  • Al a carte instances of CPU/Memory combinations (Jonathan)
  • Perpetual Free Tier (Jonathan)
  • Cloudfront Deployment and/or Dev Mode (Justin)
  • The Year of Organizations (Justin)
  • Formula 1 Personality (Peter)

Lightning Round (Jonathan 13, Justin 18, and Guest 5): 

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